Headshots & Portraits

In today's visual world, people actually need headshots and portraits. You may be an actor, model, corporate executive, realtor... the list goes on and on. Even social media platforms like LinkedIn have generated a need for headshots. A great photo can be the key to YOU succeeding and that's what I'm working for.. to help you stand out above the crowd. And each type of photo is it's own "form" and you want to use a photographer who understands the requirements of each.

For actors and models, the headshot is your foot in the door. It's your first impression for casting directors and modeling agencies. A cheap, unprofessional headshot tells them that you're not serious about your career. Directors and agencies see hundreds of headshots and instantly know the difference between a quality headshot and "good enough".

In business, the professional headshot you use on your professional profile and online bios are a representation of you. A cheap looking photo will echo that same message about you to your prospects. A quality headshot says that you are a high quality professional. A high-end headshot will help attract premium employers, clients and customers like a magnet.

Your headshot/portrait is the most important marketing tool for your career! It takes less than 1/2 a second to make a first impression. You won't get a second chance to make a great first impression. Let me help you be unforgettable.

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