About Me

Two of the hardest things to do is narrow what I photograph.. and to describe myself. But let's see how it goes..

One might say that photography is in my blood. My grandfather was a semi-pro shooter plus a day job for Kodak. Started photography before digital, I learned to develop in high school. I still shoot film on occasion but it's an artistic choice and I no longer develop my own. These days, I mostly shoot Canon digital and, instead of thinking about chemicals in a dark room, I can think about pushing my camera gear further and developing the skills and techniques to take great photos.

I've had work published several times in national motorcycle magazines, as well as some regional publications. In the past two years, I've started doing portraits. Sure, I've taken pictures of people before but I've gotten serious about it. I've also been focusing a lot on concert and dance... performance photography. I love the technical and composition challenges. Because good isn't good enough when the goal is to be the best. I've found I love taking pictures of people. (I even shot my first wedding the other day).

Take a stroll through my portfolio to see what I'm doing.

Let's get personal. I have a wife I've been blissfully married to for almost 30 years and 3 wonderful, grown kids. We recently had two new additions to the family that look a lot like Shih Tzu puppies. And I love motorcycles. Any of them. Oh.. and cameras. I love them too. And pizza.

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