Welcome to Chris Lonsberry Media.

I'm Chris.

I'm a photographer just outside of the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. With a background in transportation photography, landscapes and miscellaneous, I branched out into other areas such as portraits, fashion and performance photography. They say that, as a professional photographer, you should specialize in one area. Perhaps that's true. But I find that each area helps me grow in the others. It's all just turning light into emotion anyway, right?

Feel free to look around. If there's a shoot in mind and you want to hire a qualified photographer.. or if you're going to be in the area and are just looking for TFP, drop me a message from the Contact page and we'll see where it goes. I look forward to working with you.

"“My interest in photography is not to capture an image I see or even have in my mind, but to explore the potential of moments I can only begin to imagine.”"

—Lois Greenfield

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